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A qualified and experienced Chinese Herbal Medicine practitioner will be able to discern which balance of herbs may be appropriate for each individual following an individualised assessment of the client's particular needs.

Herbal Prescriptions
Traditional Chinese Medicine explains how a diagnosis may be made,

and processes around herbal prescriptions.

Chinese Herbs

How do people take the raw herbs?

Chinese Herbal Medicine comes in many forms: raw herbs which need to be boiled, or in powder and pills.

Chinese herbs are commonly prescribed in TCM to assist people manage their symptoms from a wide range of disorders, including: Colds / Asthma / Bronchitis / Eczema and psoriasis / Skin diseases / PMT / Menopause / Impotence / Infertility / Stress / Anxiety / Depression / Digestion / I.B.S / Cardiovascular disorders / Limb & back pain / Sports Injuries / Allergies / Autoimmune disorders / Arthritis / Stiff neck / Frozen ShoulderMigraine / Chronic fatigue

 / Ear, nose, throat, mouth, eye ailments / Stress management / Insomnia / Some forms of paralysis / Weight control and more