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Exercise to relax & energise

Progress from Tai Qi to Tai Qi Sword & Fan

These ancient exercises improve your health and lifestyle. They teach you to relax and are very gentle on the body.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong Qi Gong and Tai Qi share a common philosophical background. Qi Gong movements are like Tai Qi; slow and graceful, rhythmical and balanced. Exercises are short and repetitious movements. Qi Gong stretching, breathing, meditative posture exercises helps to stimulate and balance your internal

energy (Qi). Qi is responsible for the healthy functioning of the body. Daily practice of Qi Gong is rewarding, resulting in health well-being both physical and psychological.

Tai Qi

Tai Chi is the Chinese word meaning the "grand ultimate" and represents the Chinese belief that Tai Chi is the most refined and the best form of exercise for both health and self defense.  Time Magazine's August 5, 2002 issue by Christine Gorman called Tai Chi the "perfect exercise". Tai Chi is sometimes written as Tai Qi, T'ai Chi or Taiji, though the pronunciation is the same.  Likewise, Tai Chi Chuan (the martial art) is also sometimes written as Tai Qi Quan, T'ai Chi Chuan or Taijiquan.

Tai Chi Sword
Extension of mind through body, then through the weapon...
The body and the sword becomes one.

The Sword should be practiced after at least one year of Tai Chi training. Only then will the body be able to feel comfortable with the sword. Keep checking if you are adhering to the principles of Tai Chi at all times.

In Sword practice, one should focus on calmness in movement. The mind is as calm as the lotus pond, a clear surface to reflect the inner feeling of the form.

The body should float like the boat, gently among the lotus blossoms as not to damage any of the delicate petals.


Students of traditional t'ai chi ch'uan (taiji quan) usually encounter three weapons: the tao (also spelled dao, meaning "Knife" or broadsword ), the chien (also spelled jien, meaning straight sword) and the chang (spear, or sometimes the staff). There are other less commonly used traditional e.g. halberd and modern weapons e.g. the Tuan Kune, walking stick and fan, as well. As in other Chinese martial arts, these weapons are often categorized according to range. The staff and spear are long-range weapons best suited for the battlefield, while the broadsword and straight sword are short-range weapons designed for personal combat.

Many experts consider the sword the king of short-range weapons. It is relatively small and lightweight, but it can be deadly in combat. A sword fight requires a level of violence and a mental state not many civilized people would want to have, paradoxically we use it as a tool of self- cultivation. Today, people learn how to use the straight sword and broadsword for reasons unrelated to combat: it is used for exercise, mind-body development, practice of a traditional art or competition. Tai chi chuan serves as a perfect medium through which one can learn to use the swords. These weapons and their beautiful but deadly forms are the subject of this article.

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